• The Eventboost On-Site Charging Kiosk Station has been designed to allow a mobile device to charge for FREE in secure lockers.

    The visitor has the freedom to continue shopping, browsing, negotiating or engaging with the sponsor.

    Eventboost, in collaboration with Helius Power, offers new revenues at no financial expenses to you and an exciting outlet for your sponsors to present their brand.


    • Select «Charge Your Device»
    • Select a locker doors, it opens
    • Plug your device in, close locker door
    • Swipe your credit card*. Leave device to securely charge

    • Select «Retrieve your Device»
    • Choose your locker number
    • Swipe your original credit card*, locker door opens
    • Retrieve your Device.

    *Credit Card will be used only to open and close the locker. No costs or extra fees will be applied.

    • Mobile device charging stations as a service and marketing platform
    • Charging stations can be customized in terms of logos and videos
    • Video advertising will uploaded if provided by customers
    • FREE usage to end-users
    • Stations will be installed on-site by Helius Power
    • On-site support, customer service, training provided by Helius Power
    • Delivery and pick up on timely basis operated by Helius Power


    The single day event rental rate is:
    $590.00 for the first unit
    ($490 for each single additional unit)

    The recommended number of charging stations for an event should be based on attendees number.

    Shipping costs will be added based on location and needs.

  • For any inquiries or questions regarding the Charging Kiosk drop a note to customercare@eventboost.com or call +1 347 755 6934