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    Ticketing software

    The power and flexibility of Eventboost is now integrated with the strength and safety provided by Shopify™ to offer you an innovative all-in-one solution to sell tickets online.

    Thanks to the partnership with Shopify™ E-commerce Software, Eventboost can provide you with a new solution for managing paid admission events.

    Eventboost allows you to build your unique and customized ticketing website in few steps. Moreover, if you already have a dedicated website for the event, we can integrate and make it suitable for selling tickets online.

    You can select different kind of tickets such as early bird, promo code, gift card, standard and any other tickets you need to sell.
  • Sell tickets online

    Transparent integration

    After the purchase, the guests will be automatically added to the Registrant List within the Eventboost’s platform, to allow you to have the registrations up to date and ready for the check-in on-site.
    Do you want to collect additional information about your guests in addition to the Name, Last Name and Email Address? No worries, the system allows you to customize the guest confirmation form by using the same fields available within the Eventboost’s platform.
    When your guests will finalize the purchase, they will receive a confirmation email with the ticket attached in a PDF file.
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  • How to sell tickets online for your event

    Secure Transactions

    Shopify™ can integrate more than seventy online payment gateway all over the world and it can offer you a safe and dependable platform to manage any kind of transactions and credit card purchases.
    If needed, you can also implement other payment systems such as wire transfer and promo code to manage discounts either for one or for multiple tickets.

    Mobile Purchases

    We know the importance of allowing users to purchase tickets from their mobile devices.
    This is the reason why Eventboos’t templates have been optimized and made suitable for mobile devices to help you reach all your potential buyers.
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