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NEW YORK, United States, August 23, 2016 – International event management system Eventboost announces its partnership with the on-site charging kiosk stations provider Helius Power to offer its customers an exclusive on-site service. Eventboost knows that in the always-evolving event planning industry technology is the key to turn events into success. Helius Power will provide Eventboost with an easy-to-use and secured kiosk station where events’ attendees can easily charge multiple devices at no cost. Moreover, we will be providing our clients with the opportunity to display their advertisements on the kiosk’s screen. This represents an innovative way to spread their brand while increasing profits, thanks to a competitive and affordable kiosk rental service. 

Stefano Rocca – Eventboost Director of Business Development says: “The partnership with Helius Power will allow us to provide our customer with a profitable opportunity to enhance their brand thanks to the kiosk’s case and video customization, while offering their guests an exclusive on-site service. Happy and engaged guests make our customers satisfied”.

About Eventboost
Eventboost is an all-in-one event management system enabling event professionals to manage guests and invitees before, during, and after any type of event. A fully integrated Android/iOS App to check guests in allows saving time and avoiding lines. Customizing email invitation and messages, selling tickets, collecting data on site, analyzing real-time statistics and post-event reports are just few of Eventboost’s main features.  By integrating in one tool all event professionals’ needs, Eventboost saves time, paper, staff and stress, thus maximizing your efficiency and ROI.

About Helius Power
Helius Power is a company specialized in providing on-site charging kiosk stations at no-cost for events’ guests. Engaging guests is much easier when their devices are being charged in secured lockers. Helius Power built-in plugs can charge most cell phones, smartphones, tablets, e-readers, and music players. With the ease of touch screen prompts, your guests can complete the transaction within minutes!