Laura Storoni

It all begins with a degree in Economics from the University of Bologna, a Masters in Institutional Communication from the University of Rome and a scholarship in “Business Management” at CESA (European Center for Business Studies). The first steps in the yachting industry by introducing the ISO 9000 Quality Systems certifications and the 626/94 law on safety, as well as the first programs on industrial and analytical accounting.

He moved to Rome where he began to work in the movie industry, hopping between the departments of direction, production and administration both in Cinecittà sets and in those of Morocco and Tunisia. Develop a great flexibility, attitude for teamwork and cross-skills to “fill the gaps left by others”.

Background continues in a network of IT services companies, direct services and public administration, always dealing with communication and general management.

Indomitable, versatile and curious temperament, Laura likes new challenges even if this leads to start over from scratch. And when not working, she takes care of his son Tommaso and her country-house, plays a lot of sports, listens to music and, above all, sings as a mezzo-soprano.

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