Francesco Gustinelli

Born in Cortona in the heart of Italy, from an early age he has a great love, the Commodore64. Curious to understand what is inside, he moved to Florence to graduate in Computer Engineering. While studying, he approached the gaming world by developing games for Doom2, and testing for scientific purposes until late at night.

After a degree spent instructing PC to recognize human body movements through Computer Vision – the grandfather of Kinect Xbox – he entered the world of Computer Security applied to face/ fingerprints recognition.

In 2005 he created his first e-commerce for a friend selling Chianti wine. Since then he didn’t stop selling everything on the web, working in various industries: from hotel rooms to comics, paintings, wall-stickers, temporary tattoos, grandmother’s recipes and even the grandma herself.

Fascinated by the enthusiasm and energy of the Eventboost team, he joined the venture by bringing his development skills, great empathy … and even his grandmother who is still for sale!

Francesco Gustinelli | Eventboost

Francesco Gustinelli – Senior Developer