Federico Zambelli Hosmer

Originally from Cividale del Friuli, an extraordinary land where a Lombard élite was chosen for a considerable mission… he graduated in Economics in Bologna, and started his professional career in banking and financing, with roles in companies as Compass and CRIF. This is not enough… so he decides to pursue an MBA to strengthen his education and leaves for an inspiring journey to the United States.

With sharp insights about a close future overflowing a rich potential, he joins PayPal where he is now Head of Market Development Italy. He feels in the right place to express the best of his dynamic temperament. He loves life in movement: traveling, snowboard floating, wakeboard or sail waving, but always with his son as companion. Along the sea, through the desert and in the internet, moving is actually to live!

Federico Zambelli Hosmer Federico Zambelli Hosmer | Co-Founder and Advisor