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General Summary:

  • Manages sales of the company’s products and services within one of the above mentioned geographic area – Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Austria, UK or the Netherlands –
  • Ensures consistent, profitable growth in sales revenues through proactive action planning.
  • Identifies objectives, strategies and action plans to improve short and long-term sales and marketing results.
  • Provides evangelization and recommend events, exhibitions and local on/off line opportunities to improve Eventboost qualified awareness and visibility
  • Establish partnerships and referrals/sales sub network

Core Functions:

  • Collaborates with Chief Sales & Marketing Officer in establishing and recommending the most realistic sales goals for the company.
  • Manages the assigned geographic sales area to maximize sales revenues and meet corporate objectives.

Details of Functions:

  • Performs sales activities and negotiates sales price and discounts in consultation with Chief Sales & Marketing Officer
  • Accurately forecasts annual, quarterly and monthly revenue streams.
  • Develops specific plans to ensure revenue growth.
  • Provides monthly/quarterly results assessments of sales.
  • Coordinates proper company resources to ensure efficient and stable sales results.
  • Formulates all local sales policies, practices and procedures.
  • Collaborates with Chief Sales & Marketing Officer to develop and fine-tune sales strategies to improve market share.
  • Collaborates with Chief Sales & Marketing Officer to establish and control budgets for sales promotion and trade show expenses.
  • Reviews expenses and recommends economies.
  • Holds regular meeting with sales staff.
  • Benchmarks competitors
  • Cooperate with Customer Service Manager to increase customers satisfaction
  • Cooperate with Webmaster and Customer Service Manager to fine-tune localization wording (website, sales literature, on line store, etc)


  • Reports directly to Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

A university degree in marketing or business studies is preferred; or a minimum of 5 years of related experience or training in event management / marketing / IT sector; or the equivalent combination of formal education and experience.
Problem-solving and analytical skills to interpret sales performance and market trend information.
Experience and score tracking in developing marketing and sales strategies for the assigned territory. B2B background is preferred.
Excellent oral and written communication skills (plus english).
Self-motivated, result oriented, dynamic, enthusiast, problem solver, team-player, passioned for new technologies.